Thursday, March 09, 2006

: "The Nature of Old Arabic and its Change into Middle and then Modern Arabic
Table of Contents

* I.1 Introduction To Major Issues
* I.2 Terms Defined
* II Linguistic Situation in Pre-Islamic Middle East
* III Theories about Pre-Islamic Arabic
* III.1 Summary of Chaim Rabin
* III.2 Summary of Corriente
* III.3 Summary of Versteegh
* III.4 Summary of Zwettler
* III.5 Summary of Ziadeh
* III.6 Summary of Cadora
* III.7 Table of Positions on Critical Issues
* IV Nature of Post-Islamic Changes in Arabic
* IV.1 Diglossia Always Existed in Arabic
* IV.2 Old Arabic Was Essentially One Language
* IV.3 Ferguson's Theories of Diglossia and KoinÚ˜ II
* IV.4 KoinÚ˜ III?
* V Analysis of the Theories
* V.1 Lack of Hard Evidence
* V.2 The Evidence That We Do Have
* V.3 A Proposed Scenario
* V.4 Versteegh vs. Ferguson
* V.5 Ann Miller
* V.6 The Nabateans
* V.7 Is I'raab Important?
* VI Conclusions and Further Questions
* VI.1 Is Diglossia the Correct Term for Arabic?
* VI.2 Comparing Arabic with Latin and English
* VI.3 Putting Versteegh to the Test
* VI.4 Closing



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